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This intimate container is for the person who is ready to dive deeper into their inner work and craves the one-on-one support needed to make quantum leaps in the direction of their dream life.


My gift is knowing how to activate your greatest strengths and providing you with the sacred tools you need to tap into your authentic soul purpose and embody your highest potential.


My mission has always been to help people shed the layers of who they are not, so that they can fearlessly step into their true selves and let their light shine brighter in this world.


Our potent work together will help you to heal from your past traumas and support you in overcoming fears and doubts about your abilities. I am committed about helping you uncover the powerful being that you are. I am passionate about supporting you in the , and guiding you back home to the truth of who you are. Which is infinite, abundant, limitless, and powerful.

An intensive 12-week journey where you and other like-minded souls come together to tap into the sacred collective energy of group work. As we move through the weekly sessions, you will have a safe space to work through common themes together.


Group containers are a beautiful opportunity to build community, to gain deeper support and to develop trust and intimacy with others.


Together we will heal, we will bond, we will share resources and insight, and we will uplift each other to our highest potential.



A paradigm-shifting immersive experience providing you with a myriad of healing modalities and personalized support to help you make strides in your ascension journey.


Allow yourself to feel supported and nourished in every single moment as you bask in delicious and organic meals, relax out in the beauty of nature, and let our team of certified holistic healers, light workers and energy practitioners give you the spiritual alignment like you’ve never experienced before.


Each retreat varies in location and programming but please inquire to learn more about the next offering.



A self-led journey of healing and transformation that can be embarked on at any point in time. These courses are a culmination of my main core teachings from my group programs and 1:1 intimate containers.


With access to these potent teachings you will have the opportunity to expand your consciousness and begin to transform your life through the action steps given in each course.


You will also have life-time access so you can continue to re-immerse yourself in these powerful frequencies to deepen your embodiment of the lessons.

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